Emrullah Can Kılıç

Full Stack Developer

+90 553 458 37 41

Language Skills







I am a fluent English speaker who can also read and write highly technical documents in various fields. Being an English speaker has helped me to speed up my learning journey for software- development. I can easily understand technical articles and documentation written on any computer language. Besides, I speak French at conversational level.

Projects & Video Presentations

Airbnb Clone
Auction Website - MERN Stack
NFT Cases (Real time - CDN - Cron jobs - Discord Login)
Attention-grabbers via GLTF & ThreeJs
Medical Platform: Booking & Calendar & Highlighter
Box-folding-visualizer for packaging industry
Fancy Video Players & Custom Smooth Scroll
Marketplace for gaming items - MERN Stack
Magic Cursor: MongoDb + Nextjs
Fun math for kids: Machine Learning
Video Streaming Project || NodeJs & FFMPEG
Sound-Controlled Image Slider via TensorFlow.js
Appointment Manager || Full Stack SaaS Project
Real-Time Data via Server-Sent Events and Event Source API
Playable User Navigation
3D Motorbike Showroom
English Learning Website
Restaurant Web Page with Advanced Features
Service Packages Page Design
3D Data Visualisation
Live Customer Support Widget
CV Creation Application
Parrot Hunting - React Game
Customisable Dahsboard
Express Nodejs - Puppeteer - React
Bathroom Furniture Configuration

Software Skills

NextJs & ReactJs & TypeScript

Ability to build solid MERN stack projects
Deployment of MERN stack projects
SSR and SEO-friendly projects via NextJs
Ability to create bug-free projects with TypeScript
Capable of writing sustainable and well-organized code
Skillful use of Vercel in combination with NextJs
An indebt understanding of building blocks
Ability to create reusable components
Created several projects with React, NextJs and JS Vanilla
An indebt command of React
Skillful use of state and state management
Robust understanding and practical use of React hooks
Skillful use of Modals
Redux toolkit & React Router
Practical use of libraries such as React Calendar (React Dates), Google Maps, Axios, etc.
Ability to incorporate advanced user experience with ThreeJs

NodeJs & MongoDB

Ability to create APIs with Express/Node and handle backend operations such as JSON Web Token verification or web-scraping
Skillful use of MongoDB and advanced database operations
User authentication & authorization mechanisms
Payment system integration via Stripe and webhook
Capable of using backend techonlogies such as or FFMPEG
Skillful use of serverless functions


Robust understanding of DOM and HTML elements
Painstakingly obsessive about pixel-perfect design
Ability to dive into unchartered waters
Aware of relative advantages and disadvantages of different HTML elements
Comfortable with creating any HTML design
Robust understanding of CSS
Skillful use of SASS
Full command of CSS building blocks
Skillful use and solid understanding of responsive design
Ability to create image slider, carousels etc without needing third party dependencies